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ERKA BLASA , CALLUM O’REILLY and KLEARHOS MURPHY, are composers, producers, conductors and arrangers based in Perth, Western Australia. 


Experts in arranging music for orchestra, they specialise in creating symphonic textures and flavours to accompany a diverse range of artists for recordings and live performances.    

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"We don’t believe that the worlds of classical and pop music need to be separated - when they work together, the music can turn into something surprising, energetic and colourful. Our aim is to merge these worlds by assisting artists who want to hear their music with classical musicians in an orchestral or classical setting."




ERKA BLASA have written and arranged music for sold out shows world wide, and have worked with orchestras such as the Perth Symphony Orchestra, West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Australian Youth Orchestra, Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and others. 


In 2018, they arranged for the acclaimed live performance of ‘Plans’ by Birds of Tokyo for the West Australian of the Year awards, featuring Birds of Tokyo lead singer Ian Kenny, Perth Symphony Orchestra and world music instrumentalists.

"Orchestral and classical-collaboration concerts don’t have to be pompous or cheesy. We are conscious of this, and we believe there is a way to use the orchestra in a tasteful way which compliments the sound of an artist of any style."

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Being frequent collaborators with Perth Symphony Orchestra, they have arranged music for many of their critically acclaimed orchestral concerts such as ‘Love Him Madly: The Doors Reimagined’, ‘Sweet Dreaming: Eurhythmics Reimagined’ and ‘Nothing Compares: The Music of Prince’. In Early 2020, ‘Love Him Madly: The Doors Reimagined’ was taken to the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to be given its Singaporean Premier. 


Having also studied classical composition at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, ERKA BLASA have an extensive background in contemporary and classical genres. Their unique backgrounds offer a way of staying true to the music of the artist they work with whilst also creating an orchestral flavour that fits best. 


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